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Who We Are

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Composite manufacturing processes come in all shapes and sizes, from single strands of material to wide webs to sophisticated OEM machines to “hey, it works!”. Regardless of your process, nobody has the portfolio of composites centric tension control and process automation solutions of Montalvo to meet the needs of any application. Tailored to the unique processing requirements for higher quality composites production, from our innovative Vanguard Tension Control System to Creel Rack to In-Line to Payout/Unwind to Take-Up/Rewind, Montalvo Composites delivers the components and expertise you need for less waste, higher quality end product, and expanded R&D capabilities.

No matter your converting process of composite materials – laminating, slitting, coating, extruding, etc., Montalvo has worked and provided solutions to improve the capability and performance of it. We offer higher quality components with higher quality performance for single strands/webs of material or multi position solutions to ensure higher quality production no matter the number and types of materials and no matter the process. Our composites solution experts can provide the knowledge and experience you need based on the unique processing variables of your application.

From retrofits to new builds, Montalvo is recognized as a leader in providing the turnkey automated solutions you require with high-quality tension control systems for increased efficiency, effectiveness, and performance while delivering a faster ROI. Our team provides expertise in automation and tension control that is unrivaled in the industry allowing us to truly partner with our customers to deliver the exact solutions they require for automation processing of composite materials.