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All materials have unique processing requirements. Combined with the various processing requirements of the Converting process being employed, a high quality and wide range tension control system to meet every demand is required. Montalvo’s tension control components give you the range, the performance, and the repeatability you require for increased productivity and reduced waste in your converting process.

Whether it’s laminating, slitting, coating, extruding, winding, or more, Montalvo solutions cover a range of applications for higher quality composites tension control of your converting process.

Example Roll to Roll Converting Application (click to enlarge image)

Each tension zone has unique characteristics. Having the correct components with the appropriate feature sets for those unique requirements is essential to optimize your converting process from unwind to rewind.

Unwind Zone Solutions
Tension Controllers
Load Cells
Tension Brakes

Intermediate/Nip Zone Solutions
Z4 Tension Controller
Load Cells

Rewind Zone Solutions
Tension Controllers
Load Cells
Tension Clutches