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From individual tows, to any carrier sheets, to the fabric/web after it is formed, tension control is critical at each phase for high quality processing prepreg applications. Montalvo supplies the solutions you require at each step in the process.

Tension control on individual strands of material ensures consistent, uniform processing, avoiding defects (ex: voids, broken tows, etc.) in the final fabric formation while providing consistent resin application on each strand. Carrier sheet tension control ensures wrinkles, bagginess, breaks and other defects do not occur to the fabric. And tension control on the fabric itself ensures end product that is ready to be supplied to your customer with no necking down/stretching, breaks, or telescoping or other scrap creators during additional processing and rewind/take-up.

Montalvo has the expertise and solutions to give you the edge for Better Composites Prepreg Production.

Composites Prepreg Application with Tension Control Zones

Closed Loop Unwind Zone
Consisting of a Torque Control Device (ex: brakes), Tension Measuring Device (load cells), and a Tension Controller for continuous and precise control.

For prepreg applications in the unwind zone we utilize:

Intermediate Process Zone
Following the process, a controlled nip zone isolates the web to create tension as it moves through onto the rewind to ensure and maintain high quality and properties of the material.

Prepreg tension control in the intermediate/nip zone utilizes:

Top and Bottom Carriers – Open Loop Unwinds
Depending on the process and the materials, carrier sheets can utilize open loop tension control systems for control which utilize diameter feedback for proportional tension control as opposed to direct tension measurement from the material. As it is critical to still have a tension control system on the carrier sheets to ensure the highest quality end product, as open loop is within 10-15% accuracy of closed loop it can be more cost effective, but still provide quality control.

Prepreg tension control in the carrier unwind zone(s) utilizes:

Closed Loop Rewind Zone
Finish strong with consistent, continuous, high quality closed loop rewind tension control for your prepreg composites application.

For prepreg applications in the rewind zone we utilize: