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Pultrusion processes feature a variety of tension zones with unique processing and tension requirements. From the individual tows/ends/strands and their individual characteristics, to the carrier sheet(s) or surface veil(s), to the final product, tension control ensures higher quality production and less waste.

Montalvo’s composites expertise combined with industry leading components allows us to implement the better processing solutions you require in your pultrusion process. Avoid processing defects, minimize waste, and be more profitable with Montalvo Pultrusion Solutions.

Pultrusion Process with Tension Control Zones

Closed Loop Unwind Zone
Individual tow/position control optimizes processing for uniformity, consistency, and quality on every strand. Consisting of a Torque Control Device (ex: brakes), Tension Measuring Device (load cells), and a Tension Controller for continuous and precise control, Montalvo pultrusion unwind tension control maximizes your productivity.

For pultrusion applications in the unwind zone we utilize:

Reinforcement Mat & Top and Bottom Surface Veils – Open Loop Unwinds
Depending on the process and the materials, both the reinforcement mat and surface veils can utilize open loop tension control systems for control which utilize diameter feedback for proportional tension control as opposed to direct tension measurement from the material. It is critical to still have a tension control system on the mat/veils to ensure the highest quality end product, as open loop is within 10%-15% accuracy of closed loop, and can be more cost effective, but still provide quality control.

Pultrusion tension control for the reinforcement mat & top and/or bottom surface veil unwind(s) utilize: