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Through unwind to slit to rewind, tension control can be the difference between beautiful slits or a pile of scrap. Montalvo composites unwind solutions gives you smooth, precise tension control as the material enters the slitting head ensuring a taut, wrinkle free web for a uniform, quality slit. After you’ve made your slits, don’t let them go to waste. Montalvo composites rewind solutions give you the constant and consistent tension control on each of the newly formed webs for a precise, high quality rewind maintaining the slit and edge quality your customers require.

Composites Slitting Process with Tension Control Components and Tension Zones

Closed Loop Unwind Zone
Optimize your material as it enters the slitting process for consistent, clean cuts. Consisting of a Torque Control Device (ex: brakes), Tension Measuring Device (load cells), and a Tension Controller for continuous and precise control of the web prior to the slitting process.

For slitting applications in the unwind zone we utilize:

Intermediate/Slitting Process Zone
With proper unwind tension control ensuring a precise, consistent and high quality entry into the slitting section of the process the intermediate zone or slitting process is where the single web is slit into individual smaller webs of material. A Nip unit isolates and maintains tension on each of the newly formed webs as they enter the rewind zone.

Slitting tension control in the intermediate/slitting/nip zone utilizes:

Closed Loop Rewind Zone
Individual closed loop tension systems for each new slit roll maximizes consistency and quality for each position, and can utilize individual standalone tension controllers or a single multi-position tension controller with single interface.

For composites slitting applications in the rewind zone we utilize: