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Montalvo Vanguard® System (MVS)

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Vanguard Tow and Tape Tension Control Systems

Precise, Consistent, Uniform Tension Control of Every Individual Tow

Inconsistent and non-uniform tension on every web/tow creates many negative outcomes, from manufacturing scrap to catastrophic failure of end products. Inconsistent tension amongst tows which are meant to work together to form a single product creates weak points across the end material as tension varies. Proper tension control of every tow ensures each tow’s effectiveness is maximized, creating stronger, better, higher quality end products.

Backed by the National Science Foundation and SBIR Program (Phase I & II)

The Montalvo Vanguard® System (MVS)

The patented Vanguard System is Montalvo’s flagship Closed Loop Tow and Tape Tension Control Technology System, leading the way in precise, uniform, consistent, automated tension control.

The MVS automatically controls even the slightest changes to ensure each individual tow is at the same consistent and uniform tension from start to finish while also allowing manufacturers to run different materials within the same process. Maximize your productivity and profitability!

The Montalvo Vanguard System reduces operator dependency and processes knowledge silos. Obtain consistent production, run to run, operator to operator, while spending less time manually adjusting throughout the process.

The Montalvo Vanguard System is comprised of three major portions – Tension ControlTension Measurement, and Torque Control for a total Closed Loop Tension Control System.

Tension Control

Vanguard Tension Controller

A single interface for automated control, indication, and data collection of every web/ tow in your process. Montalvo’s Vanguard Tension Controller (V-TC) is easy to set up and operate, utilizing the continuous feedback from the Load Cells to provide instant changes in torque, automatically and precisely maintaining set tension from start to finish.

  • Easy to Setup and Operate
  • Low/High Tension and Tow Break Alarms
  • Pre-Configured for Your Application
  • Single Interface for Managing Every Tow in Your Process
  • Adjustable and Expandable Tow Counts
  • Plug and Play Functionality with Vanguard Load Cells
  • Capable of Full Process Tension Control or Just Tension Indication
  • Simultaneous Tow Monitoring
Vanguard Tension Controller Datasheet

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Tension Measurement

Vanguard Load Cell System

Continuous, precise tension measurement directly from the web/ tow. The Vanguard Load Cells (V-LC) feature Montalvo’s industry-leading Load Cell technology for sensitivity, reliability, and repeatability giving exact, continuous tension measurement of the web/ tow for higher quality tension control.

  • Wide Sensing Ranges – from 20g up to 10kg
  • Pre-Calibrated (Just Install & Go)
  • Built-In Amplifier for Easy Connection to Existing I/O
  • High Overload Protection
  • Precise Tension Measurement
  • Repeatable, Reliable, High Performance
  • Plug and Play Functionality with VTC
Vanguard Load Cell Datasheet

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Torque Control

Pneumatic Brake Torque Control

Smooth, consistent, precise torque control for maximum process capability. Montalvo’s Vanguard Torque Control constantly adjusts the web/ tow tension to maintain the desired tension required for the material being processed.

  • Creel Pneumatic Brake Control
  • Wide Torque Ranges and Tension Profiles
  • Capable of a Wide Variety of Materials and Tensions
  • Easy, Hassle-Free Installation
  • Long-Lasting, High-Quality Performance
  • Compact
  • Retrofit Capable – Upgrade Your Existing Creels
Vanguard Creel Brake Datasheet

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Drop-In Tension Control Solutions
Easily upgrade the capabilities of your machine.

Montalvo’s Composites Tension Control Systems and components are designed to be drop-in solutions for your machine. No need to invest in completely new machinery. Our equipment can fit within existing applications to ADD Automated Tension Control to your application, delivering a quick return on investment.

Closed Loop Tow Tension Control System Diagram

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