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Tension & Infusion Testing

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Not sure what tension you should be running? Have a vacuum infusion process you would like to know more about? Montalvo Tension and Infusion Testing services takes the guesswork out of our processes by giving you the critical information you require.

Tension Testing Services

tension testing

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Through our own Load Cell and Material Testing device, Montalvo has run hundreds of different materials, giving our  customers the starting point for their process parameters. Knowing the ideal tension of your particular material(s) ensures optimal production runs, and other parameters you can base your control settings around for more profitable runs. Utilize Montalvo Tension Testing Services today to Know More and Achieve More!

Vacuum Infusion Testing Services

Utilizing our own in-house Mobile Infusion Testing System (MITS) we can run a test of your process and materials to characterize the variables associated with your vacuum infusion process (VIP). Our recorded test is then presented to you with a report so you have greater knowledge over your process for higher quality and productivity. Know More. Achieve More.

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