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Creel Racks for Composites Manufacturing

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Whether it’s retrofitting your existing creel to add a cost-effective, automated, closed-loop tension control system, or fabricating a new creel rack, Montalvo has the experience and capabilities to deliver.

From small scale to large scale, get the high-performing, high-quality creel rack you require to “start strong” in your manufacturing process.

  • Built to Suit – Get the Exact Solution You Require
  • Industry Leading Tension Control Components Incorporated
  • Multiple Torque Control Options
    • Pneumatic Brake Control
    • Motor Control
  • Configurable Cores (length, diameter, etc.)
  • Retrofit Options
    • Montalvo can upgrade your existing creel rack to incorporate tension control components and systems.

Montalvo builds tension control optimized creel racks for higher-performing processes with greater productivity, less waste, and higher quality end product.

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